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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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left after a home was leveled. we talked about this at the top of the newscast. the blast september more than a dozen people to the hospital. it stapd in stafford township ocean county. neighbors near the home along oak avenue had to be evacuated. >> our live team coverage begins now on "nbc10 news" at 5:00. we have ted greenberg live at the scene of the blast. joining us with the very latest on this now. ted? >> reporter: i just got an update from stafford township's mayor. he tells us none of the 75 people from -- the people from 75 homes evacuated in this area none of them have been allowed to return and he's not sure when they'll be allowed to go back. we got a close up look at the spot where that house stood until this morning. the smoldering remains of a
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home. people felt it for more than a mile away, a massive explosion that disintegrated the home on stafford township ocean county this morning. >> my windows blew out, i dropped, covered my daughter. >> reporter: melissa lewis was about to leave with her two young children because of a gas leak when the house blew up across the street. >> i stood up i heard some screaming outside and people brought to the ambulances. >> reporter: nothing but the home's basement remains after the blast. debris went flying and crashed onto other houses. >> raining insulation all over the road. >> reporter: now, gas service remains shut off to about 300 homes in this area. new jersey national gas says it will have crews out here working throughout the night to get service restored by tomorrow morning. >> it's amazing anyone survived
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this explosion. >> firefighters were near that house when the hois exploded. christine maddela is joining us from the hospital where twoem two are being treated. >> reporter: 15 total people were injured in that explosion. the two most seriously hurt are in critical condition at atlanticare in atlantic city both new jersey national gas employees. crews air lifted them here this morning. six firefighters were hurt including the fire chief. we talked to him about what he and his team experienced. >> it happened so quickly. with the explosion. we had debris all around us. something you didn't expect to happen. make sure my guys were okay. most had hearings problems. it would knock you off your feet. i saw one of my guys get knocked to the ground. something i never want to experience again.
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>> have you seen anything like this ever in your career? >> no sir. >> your first thoughts? >> what the hell just happened? >> reporter: now, here's a breakdown of the people injured. seven are gas company employees, six are firefighters two emergency medical service crew members, all but three were treated and released from the hospital. one firefighter is still undergoing tests. and those two gas employees are here. one is in critical but stable condition. the other is in critical. reporting live in atlantic city christine maddela, "nbc10 news." >> if you have the "nbc10 news" app, you were once of the first people to know about the house explosion from breaking news alerts to live streaming video and newscast. it's available for smartphones and tablets. plus, it's free. still ahead at 5:30 -- today's house explosion is one of three recent blasts all in south jersey. we'll look back at recent incidents. and nbc10 investigators take a closer look at the miles of aging gas lines running under philadelphia streets.
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we broke cold records this morning. >> sheena parveen is tracking the latest system. >> that's right. we are watching area to the south. we have more coming later this week. as far as as this is concerned, it's around the carolinas although light snow is trying to move north. i wouldn't be surprised if a few flurries or light snowflakes fell in sussex county, delaware. let's get back to break news. an amber alert was cancelled. >> a 3-year-old girl was missing last night. she was found in massachusetts. let's listen into the news conference.
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>> u.s. attorney's office, the u.s. attorney general's office and to many of the local and state agencies assisted, including the massachusetts state police and the spencer police department in massachusetts. at this time i'd like to ask jack webb of the fbi to come back up and make comments and, again, we are ever grateful to you. >> i would just like to say this is an example of when state, local law enforcement, multijurisdictions work together rapidly to achieve a victory. it's a good day. a little girl gets to come home her mother gets her little girl and the community can rest. i would like to thank new castle pd and all the other pds that helped us. thank you very much. >> following protocols we practiced this morning, we let you speak to the mother. i think she's very happy right now. we'll let you talk to her again. dawn?
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>> hi. it's a different tone than this morning. i just want to thank the fbi, the new castle county police department detective perth, officer jackson, officer dolan, patricia from the da's office everyone at the courthouse and all my friends and family who supported me and stood by me during this hard time. today is my birthday and i prayed all day to god i would get her back and he gave me the best birthday present ever. i'm going to go get my elinor back. thank you. >> reporter: how did you find out? did they call you? >> they called me in and they told me. >> reporter: when you got that news -- >> i broke down. i got to talk to her on the phone. she's shaken but she's ready to be back with me. [ inaudible ] >> uh-huh. >> reporter: you expect to be
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reunited at what time? >> i'm not sure yet. shortly. >> reporter: as soon as possible? >> yes yes. >> reporter: was she aware of what was going on? >> i'm sure she was. she's never been away from me for that long. she's never been out of her routine so i'm sure these been traumatized. >> reporter: was she able to tell you anything about what's happened. >> no. she's 3, no. >> reporter: do you think she was treated okay though? >> i think so yes. >> reporter: what was the first thing you're going to say to her when you see her? >> nothing. i'm just going to squeeze her and hug her and kiss her. >> reporter: looks like you had a pretty bumpy relationship in the last few weeks. is this the end of the story as far as that's concerned? >> it's going to be me and her and we'll be happy. that's it. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. congratulations. >> i really appreciate everybody coming back out on such short notice. . if there are any questions i can answer without affecting the
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investigation, i'll do so now. >> reporter: can you spencer -- >> spencer, massachusetts. >> reporter: can you tell us the details, a little bit about how he was taken into custody? >> we were actually relying on the fbi s.w.a.t. team to take him into custody when he exited the apartment. it was just safer at that time to actually stop him. he had the child with him. they had a visual on him. that's why you want to have a relationship with your federal partners. today is a great example of working together. >> reporter: why did he go to massachusetts, do you know? >> family connection we believe. >> reporter: and was there any resistance when he took him into custody? >> not that i'm aware of. >> reporter: and the child appears to be just fine? >> appears to be safe. obviously, wants to see her mother. the fbi is making arrangements for her to be flown up there. >> reporter: do you know where they've been for the past however many hours? >> that's a pretty quick trip, actually, if you think about it. we've got this girl back within 24 hours. she was abducted yesterday.
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and she's -- we have her in mass now. i don't think there were too many places but here and there. and travel time. [ inaudible ] >> we were listening into a news conference. a little girl a 3-year-old from delaware was found safe. an amber alert was issued last night. the 3-year-old girl is eleanor trotta. her mother spoke emotionally, understandably, and saying that little girl had never been out of reach and, obviously, is probably traumatized. as you could hear, the fbi is working to reunite that mother and daughter shortly. we'll continue to follow this story and have the latest coming up. now, there are new developments tonight in the crash that led to a tanker truck inferno in south jersey. >> a short time ago we learned the trucking company whose rig burst into flames will be charged. george spencer is live to explain. what's the very latest on the story? >> reporter: the trucking company will be asked to pay for
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extensive repairs to the ramp damage yesterday. for commuters, we can say it will be at least several days from now before even one lane gets by this accident scene. yesterday morning this inferno evacuated neighbors and spilled more than 8,000 gallons of gasoline on the roadway and surrounding ground. the port authority, which owns the property there, is planning a three-step repair process. first, installing jersey barriers and repairing the guardrail. then resurfacing the road itself. third, reinstalling lighting that was damaged in the bad accident. as for questions we raised last night on "nbc10 news" at 11:00 about t.k. transport's operating status, we asked again this afternoon and officials said little. >> we'll be investigating the accident and that will include investigation into status of the truck.
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>> reporter: is there anything you can tell us on that front? >> i can't tell you anything right now. i don't have any information on that. >> reporter: that operating status will be part of the larger review. this is a pretty significance stretch of roadway that has been damaged some 200 yards, we're told. we have confirmed the truck driver at the center of all this was released from cooper hospital last night. pennsauken police were still expecting to speak with him. again, for commuters, the message is simple. this will be several days of repairs before even a single lane gets by there. george spencer "nbc10 news." we continue to follow breaking developments after a house explodes in south jersey. bits and pieces are all that remain in stafford township behind me. next we'll update the investigation and when the neighborhood may return to normal. also commuter train cars toppled like toys. dozens of passengers are hurt. what investigators say caused the accident. and maybe you've heard the
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saying -- no good deed goes unpunished. well, ahead, why a national sportscaster slammed penn state students on social media after they raised millions for kids with cancer.
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you have to come to your tv to see this. brand new video, breaking news
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stafford township. video showing the blast as it happened from a dashboard camera. it's where a house exploded this morning after a gas leak on oak avenue. there it is. you see the debris fly into the air. looks to be about 100 feet into the air. quite rapidly, 15 people were hurt. two gas workers are in critical condition. no one lost their lives as a result of this. take a look at this video right now. brand new dash cam video of the house just exploding in stafford township. 75 houses were evacuated. nearly 300 homes are without gas service. is happened after a new jersey gas company respond to a gas leak. we'll have more on this at "nbc10 news" at 5:00. a road map to reform. governor christie announced an accord with the new jersey largest teachers union. >> he works to work with them.
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"nbc10 news" reporter cydney long with more on how it will work and what the union is calling this so-called truce. >> reporter: well keith and jacqueline i spoke to the union today. they tell me this is nowhere near a signed, sealed and delivered accord or agreement. there are ongoing negotiations between the governor's office pension and benefits and njea. so it is a commitment but with plenty of details to be worked out. >> we will not push this off. we will not leave it for another day. another year. >> reporter: governor christie hopes other state unions will follow the path of progress. his administration, he says is making with new jersey education association. that it promised to pay into pensions must be balanced by health care givebacks by teachers. >> the road map calls for the existing pension plan to be frozen.
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and to be replaced by a new plan. both the existing plan and the new plan would be transferred from state ownership to a trust overseen bit njea. >> reporter: the head of the teachers union says, it's not a done deal. >> i think what they're trying to do is use a lot of health care savings to pay off the pension. >> reporter: do you agree with it? >> i don't -- i think they're going to have to get different funds of revenue. >> i think the budget has to be balanced and they've been playing around with it too long. >> reporter: jim is watching closely, holding his breath for his two daughters, both teachers. >> they're young. they just started. they're five six, seven years in and they're concerned. when the time comes, the promise of their pension isn't going to be there. >> reporter: both sides tell me they would have to reach some sort of agreement by june of this year. only then would this measure be placed on the ballot as a constitutional amendment in november.
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also governor christie is promising not to raise taxes. speaking of road maps there is a major item he did not touch on. we'll have that for you coming up at 6:00. live in trenton, i'm cydney long, "nbc10 news." thank you. elsewhere, dozens of commuters in southern california were injured when a metrolink train slammed into an abandoned truck and then derailed as you can see behind me. this was the scene shortly before dawn. about 65 miles northwest of los angeles. the impact knocked three of the train's five cars to their side. 28 of the 51 people on board were hurt. four of them in critical condition. the truck's debris was scattered at a marked crossing and nearby intersection. the driver of the truck ran from the scene. >> we don't know why but he was found a little while later, some miles down the road unharmed and currently in police custody. >> investigators from the national transportation safety bothered and the federal railroad administration are sending investigators to that
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scene. six years ago in chatsworth california, a metrolink commuter train collided head-on with a freight train killing 25 people. it injured more than 100. investigators say the engineer of the commuter train was texting and failed to stop at a red signal. it's been a cold day today. we even hit reported lows this morning. we'll get a little break from the cold as we go into your wednesday. for tomorrow temperatures won't be as cold today. about the mid-30s compared to the mid-20s right now, sounds quite a bit warmer. we're tracking some snow as we go into mainly thursday morning. this is not going to be for everyone. and as we go into the weekend, we're back in the cold once again. single digits to start off your weekend. if you already have those saturday morning plans, it is going to be very cold out there.
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here's a live look out at center city from the adventure aquarium. we're seeing some cloud cover now through the area. we'll continue to see this as we go through tonight. tomorrow still looking like a dry day 21 degrees, reading. 27 bensalem. the rest of the area south of philadelphia temperatures still in about the mid to low 20s. uniform across the area. nothing very different until you look well to our south. then you notice some snow cover for the carolina coastline. some is getting pretty close to sussex county in delaware. it should be sliding offshore very soon. we'll watch for light flakes to be falling through sussex county. as of now, does not look like anything major. as we go into thursday morning, we will be watching another area of snow.
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we could get early snow thursday morning. it's now around parts of arizona. still very far away. this moves off as we go through the next couple hours. as we go into wednesday, tomorrow, we stay dry. however, there's that area of snow in arizona. it's now going to collect even more moisture as it approaches the gulf coast states. as it makes its way up the eastern seaboard we see the rain/snow line. we would be on the snow side of this. come thursday morning, 8 a.m. there's a chance we could see it graze the area, south jersey and delaware getting most of the snow possibly. here's thursday, 10 a.m. some of this could be accumulating jersey or delaware you have the best chance of seeing accumulating snow. should be using through the afternoon. this is not going to be for everybody. here's what it looks so far. 2 or more inches. better chances as we get closer to the shore and southern parts
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of delaware. that would be for thursday morning. we'll keep a close eye on it. any small shift in the track could mean a big change for the area. partly cloudy, very cold. 18 for the low. 8 degrees areas north and west. and tomorrow sunny, not as frigid for today. that's going to be 8 degrees colder than today. thursday morning, the snow we're watching south and east of philadelphia. temperatures will be in the twenlts20s to start off your weekend. more details coming up. there are technical problems at a montgomery county nuclear power plant. one of the reactors at the limmrick facility was taken offline. what that means for customers. a beloved new jersey hand left-hand side a hand to a destroyed shore town. hear what bon jovi is doing to help those years after hurricane sandy.
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navy is preaching to residents in horseham community. former navy air station joint base reserve, willow grove and former naval air warfare center
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warminster. some were found in shallow ground while others are in drainage ditches. the levels of these compounds were higher than what the environmental agencies recommend. drinking water from the public water system was deemed safe months ago. since then more tests were conducted to find any remaining places on the base where pfcs may be released to the environment. a good samaritan in colorado was caught on camera helping drivers struggling in the snow. now he is seeing an outpoiring of support from others wanting to help him. shelby hujdgens doesn't have much. he has his doing, a few belongings and his car but he does have a big heart. while standing on a colorado springs street corner he saw people in need struggling to get up the hill in the snow. for hours he ran out to give a helping hand and the kindness was returned. >> i'd rather make it a better place. i have enough to get by. so, it's better than nothing.
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he says helping people push their cars, he might have gotten a few leads on the job front. >> nice life lesson. we continue to follow breaking news. an explosion levels a house in south jersey. >> several people were hurt and neighboring homes had to be evacuated. next, we continue to follow the investigation plus we look at several other recent house explosions. the nbc10 investigators take a closer look at the miles of aging gas lines running under philadelphia streets. and what is this cold weather doing to septa's on-time percentage for buses and trains. i'm doug shimell. we look at that coming up.
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breaking news now showing you that house explosion we've been showing you all day. >> close up pictures as this blast happened. these pictures came into our news room in the past few minutes. we're joined from the digital operation center with a closer loom. >> that's right. you know when you see that explosion, you'll understand how the only thing that was left of that house was the foundation. now, take a look at the video again here. this is dash cam video. as it happened. this is from the dash cam from an officer that pulled up right before that explosion. several people were hurt here including two gas workers who right now are in critical condition. look at that. wow.
5:31 pm
the debris that just flew into the air. route 9 still shut down near cedar run road. officers were called to the neighborhood around so:0010:00 after someone reported a gas leak. count on nbc10 both online on air. we'll continue to update this story and bring you new information as soon as it comes into nbc10. reporting live from the digital operation center i'm renee chenault-fattah. >> this is the third home leveled by a gas explosion. >> we look back in our archives and didn't find a lik to it all. in 2013 mccartney were injured when a gas main leak made their house explode. >> linda was killed and seven injured when a line by psg amp e
5:32 pm
was hit. the nbc10 investigators have been digging into gas safety records for a week now. >> our investigative reporter has been talking to civil engineers about gas safety. one thing that all of them told you about. >> they all say, if you smell gas, there could be an ignition point. that's actually something that could lead to an explosion. the nbc10 investigators, we started looking into gas safety. like today in new jersey people in philadelphia they smell gas on a street in a specific neighborhood. now, if you smell that rotten egg odor that familiar odor that is in that natural gas, not only should you call the gas company immediately, but leave the area. get away from that smell. >> mitch what about the age of the pipes across our area? >> i'm not going to surprise you here. they are old. literally thousands of miles of gas pipes in the area. the cast iron ones they tend to be the oldest, the most brittle, and the first pipes ulgs utilities want to replace the
5:33 pm
gas company that operates in stafford and other parts of new jersey. they operate 6700 miles of total gas lines. for reference, the city of philadelphia, they have about 6,000 miles. >> and it makes you wonder about the replacement schedule if there is indeed one that exists. >> there has to be. the regulators they insist upon it that you are actually updating your gas infrastructure as you go. those cast iron mains, they're usually the first to go. what's very interesting is the real question is not whether or not they're going to replace them it's when. some they have 20-year replacement cycles. others they won't replace them until the end. century. >> i think i saw in a previous report you said some gas pipes can stretch from one end of the country to the other. >> thousands of miles below the streets in neighborhoods and communities across the delaware valley. >> unbelievable. mitch, thank you very much. you can see mitch's full story in about a half hour on "nbc10 news" at 6:00.
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turning to weather now. we never made it close to the freezing mark. several cold weather records were broken. >> more snow is on the way, too. sheena parveen joins us. what can we expect now? >> we can expect more cold tonight. we did have a few records last night. now we're looking ahead to snow as we go into this week. for now, though we have snow south of the area. most of this is going to stay to our south. some of this slowly moving toward sussex county but this entire system should be moving offshore pretty soon. as far as today was concerned, we were cold. only in the mid-20s. now we're going to be watching more snow as we go into later this week. our next weather system is around arizona. doesn't look too impressive yet. as it tracks along the country, across the country, we will see it pick up a lot more moisture. wednesday, same weather system along the gulf coast states. then it moves up the eastern seaboard. the question comes thursday
5:35 pm
morning, it's going to be how close does it get to our area. currently it does look like some of this could be grazing parts of south jersey and delaware thursday morning. that could be giving us snow as it runs into the colder air. even the slightest shift in this track could mean a big change across our area. could mean more snow closer to the philadelphia area or less snow if a little farther out to sea. coming up, we'll take a closer look at this track, the timing of it and how much we may be able to expect from it. we broke all kinds of cold records today. some of the chilliest air, the winter blew in. >> we know the harsh winter weather is dangerous for people as well as their pets. as nbc10's doug shimell explains, it's also taking a real toll on mass transit. what did you find out about this? >> reporter: you know if it seems like you're waiting a little longer for your bus or train, it may not be your imagination. even the optimist know in this cold septa's regional rail is slowing down. >> it just seems much longer.
5:36 pm
it's actually waiting for the train. >> reporter: septa says they are literally slowing down the regional rail trains in these single digit temperatures to guard against frozen switches on the tracks and brittle overhead electric lines. >> by slowing down our trains we have not had any wires come down. and when wires come down then have you people on trains that don't have any heat. and that creates a worse problem. >> reporter: so septa says the regional rail on-time percentage bounces between 60% and 80% in this weather. >> got to be patient. >> reporter: ironically septa claims its buses are on time nearly 80% in these temperatures. it's just tough being the 20%. >> sometimes i've seen like the wait is longer when you have to wait out here in the cold with the buses. >> when you have an infant baby and you don't have a car to ride around, it's cold out here. >> i only had to wait for this for ten minutes.
5:37 pm
but i had two layers. socks, pants, shirts, two of those. >> reporter: septa says it has their app, which will show you not so much the estimated time of arrival for your bus or train to where you are, but it will show you where that bus or train is every three minutes. you can kind of do your own math to figure out when it's dwog get to you. live in center city doug shimell, "nbc10 news." >> switching gears now, philadelphia police have arrested a man in connections with that stabbing of two crew members for rapper nicki minaj. pierce boykin is facing several charges including attempted murder and aggravated assault. the double stabbing happened last wednesday outside the che bar and grill. de'von pickett was killed. the other victim is still in critical condition. police haven't said if they're looking for any other suspects. a montgomery county doctor testified today he had an affair with a woman accused of giving fatal butt injections. the doctor told the prosecution he never initiated contact with winslow, but he admitted to
5:38 pm
giving her thousands of dollars because he was afraid of retaliation. winslow is charged with third-degree murder in the death of a british woman who flew to philadelphia in 2011 for that butt enhancement. philadelphia police need help identifying this man. he robbed a beauty store. just before 7:00 last night, he walked into lee's discount beauty on old york road. as he was talking to an employee he pulled a mask over his face pulled out a gun and demanded money. if you recognize him, call police. a reactor at generating station in montgomery county has been shut down after a valve closed. automatic shutdown happened before 10:00 last night. we're told a valve on one of the station's main steam lines closed. officials say this will not impact electric service to customers. the cause of the valve closure remains under investigation. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is now defending his comments that he has to improve the state's self-esteem. during a roundtable discussion at the governor's conference
5:39 pm
this past weekend, wolf said state leadership has to address issues in education and transportation but also the psychological issues that hold pennsylvania back. some state republicans have poked fun at wolf saying he should focus his attention elsewhere. penn state students made national headlines over the weekend for raising millions of dollars for child cancer victims. now they are back in the headlines for another reason. a well-known national sports anchor slammed them online for their charity efforts. keith observermanlbermann and how he's being punished. wait until you hear how many vehicles are still running in our tri-state area without being fixed. here's what's coming up on "nbc10 news" at 6:00 -- >> new jersey governor chris christie gives his financial plan for 2015. now new at 6:00 nbc10 checks into his promise for no new
5:40 pm
taxes and what he left out of his speech. philadelphia gas lines rated the worst in the state. some leaking right now. new at 6:00 the investigators ask pgw about their plan to replace lines and why it will take nearly a century to finish. the amber alert canceled the 3-year-old safe. count on "nbc10 news" at 6:00.
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welcome back. i'm vince lattanzio with this
5:42 pm
exclusive digital story. 3d displays like this one and this one are a step closer to showing up on the streets of philadelphia. the display is called urban displays are supposed to show ads. not everyone wants them to come to philly. find out what the opposition is. you can read more now on the nbc10 app. >> thank you very much. drivers know there are countless dangers behind the wheel. as a matter of fact now comes word of tens of millions of new threat in the form of unfixed recalls. wait until you see and hear how many problem vehicles are driven on roads across the delaware valley. we're tracking snow to our south. another chance for snow later this week. and some cold temperatures heading into your weekend. i have that forecast coming up.
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here are some stories making headlines. an explosion levels an ocean county home. two gas workers are in critical condition tonight at a local hospital. we're told all of the other injuries are not life-threatening. firefighters evacuated about 75 houses as investigators look into what led to the blast. police and the fbi found this 3-year-old delaware girl safe in massachusetts. an amber alert was issued for elinor trotta after police say michael took her from her mother's new castle apartment last night. fbi found michael trotta and his daughter at an apartment in spencer, massachusetts. michael trotta is in custody and faces several charges. new jersey will spend close to $34 billion this fiscal year. chris christie delivered his
5:46 pm
budget. he promised not to raise taxes on working families. it includes a $1.3 billion payment by taxpayers to the pension system for 2016. well another cold day today with even some morning lows across the area. allentown was at a minus 8 degrees. 8 degrees below zero this morning. we'll get a brief break as we go into tomorrow. temperatures will be about 10 degrees warmer than where they're at right now. we're mainly in the mid-20s. then we go into thursday morning. we'll be tracking some snow. not for everybody, just for parts of the area. but the smallest shift in the track could change things quite a bit. i'll show you that in just a second. we go into your weekend and we're talking about more single digits to start off your saturday. so, i'll show thaw forecast too, in just a minute. here's a live look blue mountain ski resort. not so many skiers and snowboarders out there this evening. feels like zero degrees in the poconos. actual temperature, 14 degrees in the poconos. and the rest of us like i mentioned, in the 20s.
5:47 pm
poconos, clearly the coldest. low 20s through the lehigh valley. 23 philadelphia and trenton. mid to low 20s through south jersey and delaware. and we have an area of snow just to our south, too. this is getting a little closer to sussex county in delaware. it's very light, though. and i think a lot of this will start to move offshore pretty soon. but, it is an area that we'll keep our eye on. don't be surprised if you see flurryies in parts of sussex county. you see a majority of this along the carolina coastline. should be moving offshore soon. the next weather system we'll be watching for a chance of snow that's off way to our west in parts of arizona right now. currently, not a lot of moisture with it. very unimpressive. as we go into tomorrow it will gain a lot more moisture. here's a look at future weather. watch this small area continue to move across texas and then across the gulf coast states as we go into wednesday afternoon. notice how much more moisture is with it. typically when these systems track across the gulf they pick up a lot more moisture. this one will be traveling up
5:48 pm
the eastern seaboard when it does so. then it runs into cold air. thursday early in the morning, it starts to run into the cold air. some of this snow could even move into our area early thursday. we're talking 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. the best chance would be areas closer to the shore, like cape may, atlantic county parts of cumberland county and sussex county kent county in delaware. some of these areas could be seeing snowfall accumulating by noon thursday. possibly still along the jersey shore but then moving out. areas north and west not so much. as far as any snowfall the chance for about 2 inches or more so far. best chances will be along the shore in new jersey. also southern parts of delaware. closer to the philadelphia area northern delaware the chance is going to get a little lower. again, the slightest shift in this track could mean even more snow inland or less snow through parts of south jersey and delaware. something we'll be keeping our eye on as we get closer to thursday morning. for tonight, though partly cloudy, very cold. temperatures around 18 degrees, philadelphia.
5:49 pm
8 degrees north and west. just not as cold as it was last night. still pretty frigid. tomorrow sunny. not as frigid through the afternoon. temperatures will be around the mid-30s, sunny and dry. but again like today we're in the mid-20s. tomorrow looks a little warmer. thursday we're watching the chance for morning snow. looks dry but cold friday. even saturday. then our next chance of snow and a mix could be sunday into monday. >> sheena thank you. for temperatures in the 20s here, we head now to sunny clearwater, florida. the phillies first day of teamworkouts was today. >> john clark joins us live. today we get to meet the man charged with filling the shoes of shortstop jimmy rollins, which is quite the challenge. >> reporter: it's going to be tough. his name is freddie gavelson. jimmy rollins, the longest tenured athlete in phillies before he was traded. can you remember the last shortstop before him? it is tough to remember, huh? >> i need some help. >> i couldn't remember.
5:50 pm
4. >> stalker was there. jelts was there. desi reliford? switch hitter. >> reporter: 15 years, jimmy rollins and chase utley were the longest tenured double-play combo in national league history. now xhas will play with freddie galvis. >> we've seen him play defense. he's amazing. he makes everything look easy. so, obviously, i will through to help him out as much as possible. who knows, maybe he can help me out, too. >> reporter: freddie is ready for the opportunity. he says he does not feel pressure replacing j. roll but he'll miss him. >> he teach me. he teach me a lot about the baseball game. >> reporter: freddie was first scouted by the phils in little leagues in venezuela. the phils signed him when he was 16. >> now i'm 25 right now, so i'm playing -- i'm going to play shortstop for the phils, you know. >> reporter: we know freddie is fans defensively, but
5:51 pm
offensively he's hit .218 in three seasons. last year he only batted .176. >> i think he can come in and relax and get the number of bats he needs and put bats together knows he'll be back in there. maybe not look for batting average right off the bat. >> he's got to change his approach as far as hitting. he's not going to play twice a week. he's going to play every day. it will be different for him and we'll see how he responds. we know defensively he can play but he has to credibility offensively. i think he can. >> they told me like move the runner, that kind of stuff, and help the team win some games. >> reporter: freddie is going to try to replace jimmy rollins but j.p. crawford is waiting in the wings, maybe a couple years down the road. john clark, clearwater florida, more then. >> keep up with all the breaking news as spring training begins in clearwater.
5:52 pm
our comcast sports team will be in florida with the phillies. can you get news and updates about the team at your fingertips with alerts with the nbc10 app. a case of buyer beware. more than 46 million cars and trucks on u.s. roads with unrepaired safety records. that's according to a study by carfax which sells vehicle history reports. some recalls were for serious safety issues. while others relatively minor. in pennsylvania carfax found nearly 2 million cars with unfixed recalls. in new jersey it's about 1.3 million. and in delaware, close to 144,000 cars. they raised more than $13 million for child cancer victims. >> that didn't save them from getting slammed online. next, what a national sports anchor tweeted out about penn state students and their school that got him kicked off the air.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
keith olbermann has been taken off his espn show the rest of the week. >> after he made controversial comments about the penn state students. >> there was a link to an article about raising $13 million to fight pediatric cancer. this is video from the event last weekend. olbermann later replied and he replied pitiful.
5:56 pm
he said penn state students in general and not the fund-raising. he has since apologized. bon jovi lends a hand to a jersey shore restaurant struggling after hurricane sandy. >> the group started serving meals to those in a fire house in union beach, monmouth county shortly after the storm. last summer it lost its funding. those can make a donation or donate an hour of their time. it's similar to the jbj soul kitchen that jon bon jovi founded in red bank in 2011. he says it gives hope to those still rebuilding their lives. coming up next on "nbc10 news" at 6:00 -- a house explosion caught on tape. >> 15 people were injured when this blast destroyed an ocean county home. coming up the investigators take a closer look at what led to the explosion and what's being done to keep neighbors there safe. glenn? >> after a record cold morning, we're in for another chilly night. i'm also tracking the chance for
5:57 pm
snow. where it could have the biggest impact next at 6:00. plus a delaware girl is safe after politician say her father took her without permission. we're asking the investigators what's next in this case coming up at 6:00.
5:58 pm
we begin with a house explosion caught on tape. dash cam video just into our
5:59 pm
news room where a gas leak led to this violent blast. it rattled neighbors, gas company workers and firefighters. >> debris all around us. just come from nowhere. i see one of my guys get knocked to the ground. it was something i never want to experience again. >> 15 people were hurt in the blast. tonight, two of them are in critical condition. hundreds of homes won't have gas until tomorrow. >> let's take another look at that dash cam video that caught the explosion. the video is from a stafford township police cruiser. officers were there after reports of the gas leak. if you look closely, you can see gas company workers and firefighters working on that street when the explosion happens. debris from the explosion tndz to fall from 25 seconds after the blast. the blast went off just after 10:30 although a home on oak avenue in stafford township. police are urging people to avoid that area. >> the explosion obliterated the house, sent debris crashing onto other homes and shook houses more than a mile away. melissa lewis was about to leave
6:00 pm
her house with her two young children because of the reported gas leak. that's when the home across the street blew up. >> my windows blew out of my house. i dropped and covered my daughter. she was standing next to me. and i stood up and then i heard some screaming outside. >> it's gone. there's like a hole in the ground. totally gone. >> it's a war zone out there. it's crazy. windows blown out, fire smoking. >> we're told gas crews will work through the night and hope to have service restored by morning to the nearly 300 homes right now without gas service. >> harry hairston spoke to police, fire officials and gas officials to get answers about what led up to this explosion. harry? >> reporter: right now gas workers are here on the scene, trying to repair a pipe and get the gas restored to this area by morning. but what you are about to see is a very rare look at the explosion as it happened.


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